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Now that I'm done with film school I actually have time to watch movies.

Chained - Jennifer Lynch - 2012

Oh oh oh I love Jennifer Lynch. I think I’ve already mentioned how Surveillance is absolutely wonder. I was so looking forward to watching this. A Jennifer Lynch film with Julia Ormond (even if it was a tiny role) and starring Vincent D’Onofrio. Yes, I’m a Law and Order: Criminal Intent fan so this is a big thing for me. Moreso because Ormond played his therapist in season 10. Talk about a fandom twist.

ANYHOW. I find Jennifer’s work so fascinating. Both Chained and Surveillance have such a dark world view, looking at the corruption of children and adults who live in violent and disturbed ways. Are these children able to break free of this cycle? Or are they destined to be as deranged as the adults? It’s an interesting juxtaposition of innocent youth and corruption/knowledge. I like that her work is somewhat formulaic/genre but in other ways completely out of left field.

Plot: So Rabbit is kidnapped as a kid by a serial killer who kills his mum, and he’s forced to be his slave/servant/protege.

The film was probably more “horror” than I expected; at times it felt like a slasher. Usually I would be super scared but most of the murders have us following the killers, as the film is their point of view, so it wasn’t as scary as any of those silly horrors with some chick screaming “no no no I don’t don’t want to die please don’t kill me”… because those scare the crap out of me.

But it was still so fucking tense. Seriously.

There’s a scene that’s almost romantic, and it seems so poignant amongst all the mess. I loved that.

Everyone’s talking about the ~twist~. Yes, I guess it was shocking.

The ending was ambiguous, I was angry at first but then I liked it.

Jennifer Lynch is making a new movie, also with Vincent D’Onofrio and I cannot wait.

Also why have I not seen Boxing Helena yet?

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